Anchovies and Tuna Fish
Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay - Bonito del Norte Tuna Fish

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Anchovies from the Cantabric Sea
The Anchovie of the Bay of Biscay is first selected out of its freshness and size to be then preserved in salt for 6/9 months under temperature control. Anchovies are later hand packed and shipped in isothermal packaging.


Bonito del Norte White Tunafish from the Cantabric Sea

Belly of Bonito del Norte White Tunafish from the Cantabric Sea
"Ventrisca" is the gourmet cut from the tuna belly as just one can of "Ventrisca" per piece of tuna is made only. Chunks of Yellow Fin tuna belly are prepared like 80 years ago to carefully retain natural juices, quality and a distinctive taste.

Yellow Fin Tunafish
The Yellow Fin Tuna is fished in the Atlantic Ocean with a dolphin-safe method. Loins are hand packed and soaked in olive oil under the strictest EEC food regulations.

Belly of Yellow Fin Tunafish

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